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At this time of year, we’re all starting to look forward to longer days and warmer weather.  So, it’s a great opportunity to consider how the external space within your home could be used as the evenings become longer.

When used properly, lighting outside can enhance the natural features of your garden and will make you feel more like entertaining outside and relaxing with friends and family.

Whilst lights inside a home are easier to place or understand, outside lighting is a lot more difficult.  Here are my top tips for creating the perfectly lit outside environment:

  • Avoid lights that produce too much glare. Always try to place fittings in such a way that the light source is indirect.  For example, a small spotlight placed in a flower bed should point away from the line of sight
  • If landscaping, consider placing discrete lights by steps or hazards. Also, try to keep lighting at as low a level as possible.  Again, this helps to reduce unnecessary glare
  • Avoid putting uplighters in the ground that serve no real purpose ie ground uplighters that light thin air! All these will do is blind you as you walk across them.  Remember, external lights are always seen against a backdrop of darkness.  Therefore, unnecessary lighting will be visually intrusive
  • Plants and shrubs always look good with some gentle light washing in or towards them. Adjustable lights are great for this as they can be placed and moved to suit plant growth
  • Lighting an outside table can be problematic. This is easily solved by using the latest technology in rechargeable lighting.  Lasting up to four hours, some of the latest rechargeable lights also include Bluetooth speakers


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