How to Create a Cosy Aesthetic with Ambient Lighting



The start of a new year can sometimes be an adjustment, especially with bitter weather and shorter days. So, if you’re looking to take away those winter blues, we are covering everything needed to bring warmth back into the home over the next few months.  As the days are still very short it’s important to create an interior aesthetic that is inviting and warm. If you’re unsure on where to begin, you have come to the right place!

With some planning and a few lighting tips and tricks, you can turn your home into the ultimate cocooning sanctuary you’ll never want to leave!

Let there be light

As obvious as it sounds, a warm aesthetic can only be achieved by a warm light! So, make sure this is at the top of your list as light bulbs can make for a quick and easy update, transforming the look and feel of a room immediately. We would usually recommend a light with a temperature below 3300 degrees Kelvin, typically projecting a golden glow. Our Dar E27 4W Vintage Dimmable bulbs do just the trick, giving any room an inviting edge. Try and avoid a cool toned white bulb, as this is only necessary for practical settings!

Layer for warmth

Ensuring that your space projects warmth and character is a vital part of creating a cosy aesthetic. Whilst this can be achieved in a number of ways, layering light is an easy yet effective place to start. We recommend scattering a few lighting fixtures across a room, accentuating different areas and illuminating dark corners. Presenting a gentle yet flattering look, this kind of scheme will remove any stark or cold energy, welcoming those from the outside in.

Top tip: Focus on three levels of the room: ceiling, walls and tables

Offering a generous choice of different lighting designs and fixtures, here at Amos Lighting we have exactly what you need for a cosy look! Opt for something like our David Hunt Loxley Table Lamp to softly illuminate the corners of a room. Its vintage look and industrial profiling will add a classic edge to any interior scheme whilst uplifting the space with a golden glow. For the perfect layered look, pair it with the David Hunt Loxley Pendant in Bronze and Loxley Wall Light – this understated design is sure to make an impact!

Accessorise the glow

Whether you’re on a budget or not looking to update your whole room, that’s not a problem! There are still multiple ways you can achieve this look, and swapping out your lampshades is one of them. We’d suggest going for a shade in an earthy and warm palette such as red and orange but pairing a neutral shade with a sumptuously toned backdrop can do the job just as well!

If you’re feeling confident then go for a completely bold lampshade. Our Laura Ashley Hemsley Silk lampshade is the perfect match for a more statement cosy design. For those of you who feel more relaxed in the soothing colours of beige and cream, then complete your aesthetic with our Vondra Table Lamp and shade from Dar Lighting – the perfect cocooning addition.

No matter how striking and carefully planned your lighting may be, no amount of artificial lighting can replace the feel of natural sunlight. That being said, all our lighting certainly promises to boost your mood during these gloomier months and provide a truly comfortable place for you to hibernate away in. We hope this helped you consider a cosy look for your home, do let us know how you get on!


  • Original BTC Hatton 3 Wall Light


    The Original BTC Hatton wall light has an intricately made, multi faceted bone china shade. When lit the translucent shade provides an exquisite, warm light. The designer wall light has a satin chrome base. Use dimmable lightbulbs for lighting levels you can control.  


  • Stuart Lamble Stepp Table Lamp


    The Stepp table lamp comprises of a solid wood base and back piece, supporting a hand cut, thin, high quality birch plywood shade. Birch is a pale wood contrasting dramatically against the walnut wood. The unique shade creates a simple ambient lighting effect, a focal point of any interior space.

    Stuart Lamble is nestled in the heart of Devon, creating unique lights at Tinney Farm. Stuart is surrounded by the very material he uses, with 10+ years making experience, Stuart is able to design and make personal examples of functional art which reflect the surroundings of his Cornish upbringing; his eye for detail, and the understanding of the importance to make products which will last and can be enjoyed for many years to come.   Complete the look with the Stepp Floor Lamp.

  • Tala Graphite Triple Pendant with Voronoi II, Black Canopy


    The Graphite Triple Pendant by Tala is a stylish lighting system for a variety of interior settings. Housed in a powder coated steel frame in black with three fitted black grips, three Graphite pendants hang at differing lengths for maximum effect. Paired with the sculptural Voronoi II LED bulb.


  • Umage Asteria Floor Lamp

    £489.00 £391.00
    The Asteria floor is born at the crossroads of design, technology and craftsmanship. It incorporates a built-in LED technology with a shape so minimal that it will never go out of style. The LED panel is dimmable and has a white diffuser ensuring a soft illumination in the surrounding space. The brass stem going through the floor lamp as a vertical axis, reinforces a tight expression and by turning the top part of the stem you easily turn the light on and off.

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