How to use lighting to enhance your home and living spaces



When it comes to decorating your home it’s crucial to take every bit of detail into account, this also includes your lighting.  When you consider all of your décor choices, you will of course think of the colour palette, furniture and accessories, however lighting tends to be an afterthought. It’s an addition that offers so much more to your home than you may think.

If you’re keen to update your home with fresh new lighting, keep scrolling for all you need to know on how it can enhance your home.

Layer your lighting

Layering the light in your room is key to effective lighting design and is important as it provides functionality and visual interest to a space. The concept ‘layered lighting’ refers to the combination of mixing different lighting styles to achieve a harmonious and visually pleasing space.

When choosing your lights, think of the overhead style, they can sometimes be incredibly bright and stark, however by mixing in floor lamps, table lamps and wall lights, this will help mimic the dynamic positioning of natural light and eliminate unflattering shadows. You can find a myriad of different lighting styles from our superior collection here.

Introduce accent lighting

This style of lighting is most commonly used to highlight a specific area or object in your room. It’s one of the key types of lighting that creates a sophisticated atmosphere, whilst evoking a sense of warmth and importance. Our stunning Diza Single Spotlight Wall light finished in a Matt Grey finish is perfect for placing over a picture, or accentuating a decorative feature. The head is fully adjustable to enable the light to be directed to just where it is required. It also can be matched with the DIZA 3 light Bar Spotlight, providing the perfect layering option and making an excellent choice for a contemporary style interiors.

Add in ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is also referred to as general lighting, and is one of the most classic of lighting features.  Many homeowners understand the need for ambient lighting but often stop there. It’s actually the base upon which you must add in the other two layers of lighting, task and accent lights. It guarantees overall illumination whilst setting the tone of the space.

Our Stuart Lamble Stepp Table Lamp is perfect for this aesthetic; the unique shade creates a simple ambient effect, providing a focal point to any interior. Place it on top of a strikingly textured surface for the ultimate look.

stuart lamble

Bring in task lighting

Perfect for offices and dining areas, task lighting illuminates a particular area, making the completion of a task much easier. If you’re in the office or still working from home, you will often turn your desk lamp on to relieve the stark lighting that comes off your computer. Task lamps are typically made with LED bulbs that are less aggressive to our retina and can be adjusted to suit individual needs and preferences.

The Eunice Task lamp features an adjustable head and arm that can be altered at the base and middle, allowing you to adapt the angle of the lamp and direct the light. It’s the perfect choice for studies or for adding a modern appeal to your living space.

We hope this blog has helped you to consider all the different looks you can achieve with lights. For more inspiration, take a look at our lighting inspirations page here.

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