Lighting Design Services

Our lighting specialists are working in new and exciting ways, adopting new methods to engage and communicate. We inspire and create lighting solutions to reflect your own, unique style.

We love a light conversation. So, if you are starting a project and would welcome some friendly advice, why not take advantage of an initial consultation? You may only need advice choosing your lights in store, but our conversation will help us understand the challenges of your space. We can discuss ways to enhance it and you can decide whether that’s sufficient or whether you would like more detailed input in terms of formal design.



Lighting is one of the least understood aspects of design but provides some of the most transformational effects. Working with you from the early stages of your project, we help develop creative and truly original lighting. Let us explain more about what our Design team offers and what we will do for you.

Through experience, we’ve learnt that our clients all have different needs and requirements when it comes to lighting design. Here are some of the projects we have successfully completed:



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