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How often do you think about the lighting in your own home?  Rarely, I would guess.  At Amos Lighting + Home, we are fully immersed in lighting all day, every day. That’s why, when you need a source of light inspiration and genuine good advice, our experts are on hand to guide you through what can seem like a baffling choice of fixtures and fittings.


We recognise it’s difficult to know the difference between up-lit, downlit, diffused or dappled, task or ambient. We go to great lengths to demystify something that’s likely to have a transformational effect on your home.  After all, the sensation of seeing a light for real and appreciating what it can do to a room is very rewarding and long lasting.

We pride ourselves on our technical and product knowledge, ensuring our entire team is up to date with the latest lighting innovations and developments. So when you purchase your lights at Amos, whether architectural or decorative, you can be confident you’re getting the right fitting to not only light you home, but also to make it look and feel amazing!

Our Advice + Inspiration is a free service available to anyone looking for some simple and straightforward advice about how to improve the lighting in their home and how to achieve the right look and feel. One of our trained Lighting Consultants will spend time with you to discuss and understand your project and guide you towards the right direction with free and impartial advice. If you have plans of your property, bring them along as we’ll happily make suggestions on the best way to transform your home with light.

Whether you want a showstopper for your entrance hall or a reading lamp with a calming influence, our carefully curated range of over 1,500 lights and lamps will be sure to delight.

With two great stores in Devon, showcasing beautiful pendants, table lamps, wall lights, spotlights, vintage and modern – we feel confident the perfect light will welcome your home.




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