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Let’s face it, we’re always looking for inspiration to improve our homes. To create special spaces allowing us to escape from everyday life. Generally with trends we think of ‘what comes around, goes around’… What once was modern and elegant is now retro and bold. Those colours that once defined entire generations wouldn’t dare be touched. So, what should you be switching on in 2017? Here’s what we think…


Modern Vintage:  The popularity of vintage styles continues apace and the 60s and 70s are back.  However, there seems to be a preference for soft and muted colours that, whilst reflecting a retro style, add a hint of modernity.


The insatiable demand for LED lamps continues:  The improvement in LED light bulbs is such that they are now becoming almost indistinguishable from their old fashioned tungsten equivalent.  The improvements we are likely to see this year include the greater ability to dim this type of bulb as well as “warm-to-dim” technology.  In practice, this means that when you dim an LED bulb, the colour of the light becomes warmer as the light grows less bright.  Historically, LED bulbs did not warm as they became less bright.

Tuneable and interactive lighting:  With our hectic lives these days, we are seeing a growing trend towards being able to make lighting appropriate for the time of day so that it reflects people’s biological needs and can be adjusted to mimic our natural environment or even our mood.


Decorative lighting with “texture”:  Advancements in technology and materials is leading towards some exciting looking decorative lights.  We are seeing more laser printed organic looking fixtures and shades with texture – fabric and even feathers!  We’re seeing earthy colours – greens and browns – anything that makes you feel “cosy”.  Check out the range from Vita Lighting in our showroom at Topsham.


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Whilst it’s important to know what’s on the rise, it’s also important to know what is on its way out. We’ve explored some things we think will be left in 2016…


Fixtures that produce unflattering light:  Greater consideration is now being given to how a fixture emits a welcoming light.  With the development and improvement in LED lighting we are seeing an end to white, unflattering light and a move towards warmer and more flattering tones.

Halogen:  Halogen is being phased out.  There is much confusion over this, but in simple terms, directional halogen lamps (spotlights) are already being phased out and, come 2018, non-directional halogen will be phased out.  This is why we are seeing an increase in the number of warm-dim LED products which aim to mimic the dimming curve of halogen and incandescent light bulbs.


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