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The Longer Nights Are Here – It’s Time To Get Cosy

By October 30, 2017 No Comments
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From this week, we are all going to notice a lack of light by mid-afternoon and many of us will arrive home from work in the dark. However, cities and towns do have a different attractiveness in the dark: twinkling shop windows, inviting pubs and restaurants, festive illuminations that remind us that Christmas is just around the corner. All of these are cheerful and welcoming sights and light is an important factor. So how do we keep the winter blues at bay and create a lovely warm and inviting cosiness inside our homes?

The theory behind why table lamps provide the cosiest form of light is all due to simple physics – the fact that light travels in straight lines. And if your lighting can be built up in distinct ‘layers’ throughout your living space, you will be in a good position to shape your room and create a relaxing atmosphere.

A light such as a table lamp placed at a lower level is infinitely more flattering and softening than light from overhead. It will create little pockets of interest and draw attention to a darker corner or forgotten part of the room. The resultant softening of shadows and lines is a proven technique to enhance any interior space. With the addition of warm colours, soft textures and fabrics of contemporary lamp shades you will be creating the “cosy” factor too.

Medium level light – that is light emitted from the middle part of the room – will complete the layering effect. This can be achieved with attractive wall lighting for example, combined with some discretely fitted downlights. With everything switched separately, you can also have absolute flexibility over light levels, effect and atmosphere and will have fulfilled the best potential of your given space.

Last winter, you may have been aware of the buzz regarding ‘hygge’ (pronounced ‘hoo-ga’) – the Danish concept of cosy living. The Danes allegedly burn more candles per head than anywhere else in Europe! But turning your home into a winter haven can be achieved just as well by the placement of table lamps and shades in your home and avoiding the glare of a bare central light.

Hygge Cosy

So, let’s get back to those nights drawing in and a focus on the comfort and security of our homes. From the welcome that friends and family experience at our door to the cosiness of the areas inside where we live our lives, it is often light that evokes these feelings.

So if the shorter days are drawing you homeward then why not consider revisiting your lighting? At our stores in Exeter and Topsham, and online, we would love to help you create your very own ‘hygge’ this winter!

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